Iran’s Petrochemical Production Grows by 8% in Six Months

Iran’s Petrochemical Production Grows by 8% in Six Months

The production control manager of the Iranian National Petrochemical Company (NPC), Seyed Jalal Mirhashemi, announced that Iran has achieved growth in its petrochemical production, reaching 8% year-on-year (YoY) during the first six months of the current calendar year starting on March 21, Shana news agency reported.

Mirhashemi elaborated that the petrochemical complexes have produced 32.8 million tons during the mentioned period, meeting domestic needs and exporting the remaining output to the global market.

He added: “Due to the spread of coronavirus in the country, the supply of raw materials for grades required by the health sector, including grades used to produce masks continues by petrochemical complexes with a desirable capacity.”

Mirhashemi emphasized the importance of the petrochemical industry in Iran, as it is one of its main industries. “The NPC approach is a product mix in this industry,” he said.

Additionally, he highlighted that the needed infrastructures and conditions have been made available to help achieve a leap in the Iran’s petrochemical production.


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