According to Reuters South Korean government and corporate officials are visiting Iran to take advantage of the full removal of sanctions.

“We plan to highlight the capability of our firms for major projects with which the Iranian government seeks to rebuild infrastructure, diversify industries and develop energy fields in the post-sanctions era,” the South Korea’s ministry of trade, industry and energy said on Sunday.

Deals in the oil, gas and construction are all being earmarked by the Korean side.

In a related development Press TV quoted Iranian energy expert Hassan Moradi’s revelation that American oil companies may try to return to Iran, before Congress approves the removal of sanctions, disguised as European firms.

“There exists the possibility that the oil companies that approach Iran are in fact front companies of other major corporations,” he said.

Iran’s Oil Minister Bijan Zangeneh had announced previously “We welcome the presence of American oil companies in Iran,” adding that “We will definitely prepare the grounds for the presence of American oil companies in Iran”.

The problem, again, was the removal of sanctions by the US Congress, he said.