Tehran’s Ambassador to Bangladesh, Abbas Vaezi, announced that Iran is ready to talk about extending its Iran-Pakistan-India “peace pipeline” to include Bangladesh, reported Press TV.

The original $7-billion 1,800 kilometer (over 1,100 miles) long gas pipeline project, launched in 2010, was scuttled by Pakistan after Iran had completed its portion in 2013, due to international sanctions over Iran’s nuclear programme.

The project had been revived, first by China, that agreed to help Pakistan build its portion of the line, and then by India.

The ambassador also said that Iran had expressed its willingness to sell oil to Bangladesh as well, and at a special rate. One option was the barter system used between Iran and India, he elaborated.

According to Zawya, Vaezi said that Iran and Bangladesh have already held talks for the pipeline extension, but the project needed feasibility studies before it could go ahead.

He added that his country has extended an invitation to the Bangladeshi Minister of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources Nasrul Hamid to visit Tehran for discussing gas exports to Bangladesh, and cooperation in other energy fields.