Eni, Other Companies Launch “ROAD – Rome Advanced District”

Eni, Other Companies Launch “ROAD – Rome Advanced District”

Eni, Acea, Autostrade per l’Italia, Bridgestone, Cisco, Gruppo FS and NextChem (MAIRE) has launched “ROAD -Rome Advanced District” project, which is a network of companies, to develop the first technological innovation district dedicated to developing new energy supply chains, applied industrial research collaborations and academic research.

The impact areas of the network will include sustainable transportation, smart cities, and the promotion of health and safety, as well as technologies for decarbonization, circular economy (water and waste management), and energy efficiency and storage.

Each of the co-founders of ROAD is also actively engaged in the growth and acceleration of specific industrial supply chains, beginning with the monitoring and enhancement of road paving. They do this by fusing technologies from the transportation industry with those from chemistry and IT to suggest novel solutions.




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