The General Trade Union for Petroleum Workers (GTUPW), headed by Mohammed Saafan, signed a protocol of cooperation with the Kuwaiti Federation of Petroleum and Petrochemical Workers, headed by Yousif Yacoub Al-Kandari, reported Egypt Oil & Gas.

The protocol aims to prepare the trade union cadres at a high level of experience in trade union work, and to raise the level of workers in the social, political and economic fields.

This came on the sidelines of the Executive Meeting of the Arab oil and chemical workers and miners federation, which was hosted by Kuwait.

According to a protocol on cooperation the two sides agreed to the exchange of visits between the two union organizations, to benefit of workers’ interest in Egypt and Kuwait, with educational courses in the trade union action to be the organized.

The text of agreement insists on full coordination with regard to bilateral relations with international federations, as well as the International Labour Organization, on condition that everything issued – publications and magazines exchanging experiences – by both organizations be exchanged.