Former Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana National Petroleum Commission (GNPC), Tsatsu Tsikata, has said the country should focus on gas production rather than oil production.

“With the cost of materials, equipment, and production in the industry coming down due to the reduction of oil prices, it is up to us to take advantage and accelerate our gas development,” he said at an event, reported Graphic Online.

Tsikata also urged the country not to think about the loss of revenue due to the down turn of oil prices on the international market alone but also think about the cut down of expenditures.

In September, Ghana officially inaugurated its first China  funded and nuilt by Sinopec natural gas infrastructure project at Atuabo, about 218 km from Accra. 

It has the capacity to process about 120m cubic feet of gas from the Jubilee field daily. The gas is being supplied to the Volta River Authority to run thermal plants to generate electricity, according to Natural Gas Asia.