Germany, Norway Join Forces to Build Hydrogen Pipeline

Germany, Norway Join Forces to Build Hydrogen Pipeline
Grey metal Technological tubes and pipelines with arrows and Hydrogen signs. Close-up. Petrochemical industry. Oil refinery and gas processing plant.

Germany and Norway announced their intention to establish a hydrogen pipeline between the two sides as an alternative to Russian sources of energy, Bloomberg reported quoting a joint statement.

The two countries agreed to conduct a feasibility study on the pipeline which will transport hydrogen from Norway to Germany.

This project also came in line with Norway’s desire to “actively contribute to the repaid development of the hydrogen marker in Germany and the European Union (EU)”, according to the joint statement.

Since the invasion of Ukraine, the US and its European allies have worked  to impose sanctions on Russia, which created the necessity for Europe to become independent of Russian energy resources.

“A number of measures are now needed to enable Europe to reduce its dependence on Russian energy supplies. Over the coming months and years, it will be extremely important to speed up the development of alternative energy sources for Europe as substitutes for Russian gas and oil and to develop the necessary infrastructure for this,” the statement elaborated.





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