General Electric (GE) has performed an upgrade at the Kureimat combined cycle gas-fired power plant, located in Atfieh, Upper Egypt, which will improve the plant’s output by 7.8%, Power Engineering International informed.

The upgrade has been implemented on the first of two 9FA gas turbines at the site, increasing the unit’s output from 250MW to 270MW, and improving its efficiency by 2.8%. Additionally, the upgrade lowered fuel consumption and reduced operational costs by extending outages intervals, the company said.

As a result, Upper Egypt Electricity Company (UEEPC) will be able to recognize approximately $3.5m in extra revenues annually, according to Diesel&Gas Turbine Worldwide.

The Kureimat power plant is a combined-cycle plant that is powered by two 9FA gas turbines, each generating 250MW, and a steam turbine, with a total output of 750MW.

The upgrade, which includes GE’s Advanced Gas Path (AGP), Advanced Extenders Combustion and Dry Low NOx (DLN) 2.6 XD5, is expected to increase availability and lower maintenance costs due to the extension of maintenance intervals of approximately 32,000 hours; almost four years of operations.