Gazprom Inks Regional Program for Gas Supply, Infrastructure Expansion in Tatarstan

Gazprom Inks Regional Program for Gas Supply, Infrastructure Expansion in Tatarstan
Image courtesy of Gazprom

The program for regional gas supply and infrastructure expansion through the end of 2025 was signed today at the Russian Energy Week International Forum 2022 by Alexey Miller, Chairman of the Gazprom Management Committee, and Rustam Minnikhanov, President of the Republic of Tatarstan. This is the first time such document was signed with the Republic of Tatarstan.

According to the plan, Gazprom will send gas to nine rural towns and villages in the districts of Agryzsky, Almetyevsky, Atninsky, Aznakayevsky, Verkhneuslonsky, and Zelenodolsky, as well as the area of the potential Bolshoy Zelenodolsk project to the west of Kazan. Up to 7,400 homes and 13 boiler buildings will get network gas access. Gazprom will construct 11 inter-settlement gas pipes as part of the initiative.

Additionally, circumstances will be established in Kazan and eight districts: Agryzsky, Almetyevsky, Laishevsky, Leninogorsky, Menzelinsky, Sabinsky, Vysokogorsky, and Zelenodolsky for connecting new customers to gas. Gazprom will rebuild two gas pipeline branches for this purpose, as well as the Almetyevsk and Yubileynaya gas distribution facilities (GDSs). The company will also build two connection gas pipelines, one connecting the GDSs of Bishnya and Klyuchi (Zelenodolsky District) and the other connecting the GDSs of Shemordan and Izmya. These GDSs are Topasevo, Dubyazy, Tersi, and Shugurovo (Sabinsky District).

A contract to increase the use of natural gas as a car fuel in the Republic of Tatarstan was also signed by Alexey Miller and Rustam Minnikhanov.

The goal of the paper is to put into action a number of initiatives to expand the use of affordable and environmentally sustainable fuel in road, waterborne, and train transportation.

For instance, Gazprom will research the viability of starting new gas station construction projects. The Republic of Tatarstan’s government will seek to facilitate the usage of gas filling stations and the conversion of the area’s automobiles to run on natural gas.

The pertinent roadmap will outline the list of measures to be taken and when they should be taken.


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