Suez Cement has invested approximately EGP 12bn since its operation in Egypt began, but has not maintained its gas supply for two months without facing cuts, according to Rafiq El-Daw, Managing Director of Suez Steel.

“We started in 2010, and since the start of our operations, the supply wasn’t maintained for two months straight,” El-Daw said.

The steel industry is essential and must be maintained, he said, adding that there is a difference between the use of gas as a raw material or a heat production source.

“Steel, like cement, relies on gas as a raw material,” El-Daw said. “There are other sources that can be used other than gas for heat.”

El-Daw noted that 56% of gas is used to create heat, adding that the peak of gas usage is consumed in unproductive activities at 8pm.

“The gas is consumed in watching television shows and coffee at the expense of the necessary industries,” El-Daw said.

The continuity of supply is important, El-Daw highlighted, adding that despite having licenses that entail the usage of gas it is not supplied.

Following the 25 January Revolution, Egypt has been facing a recurring problem of energy shortages such as gas, fuel and electricity. The government has made several promises to increase the reliance on new and renewable energy.

Source: Daily News Egypt