During the 2014-2015 fiscal year a number of seismic, gravitational and magnetic surveys were completed, with others still underway.

A 310 km sq area was surveyed completely, with another 30 km sq was surveyed in 2D for GDF Suez company in the Wadi Al-Dub and East Wadi Al-Dub location in the Gulf of Suez region.

As for the Ghazaliat region in the Western Desert, RAK Gas conducted a 2D survey covering an area of 611 km sq.

In the Wadi Mzhareeth and South Wadi Mahareeth area, which belongs to Naftogaz, 1705 km sq out of 3,100 km sq was surveyed.

Dana Petroleum, in its the concession area West of Dakhla 1 and 2, carried out an Air Gravity survey over 13,000 km and air magnetic survey totaling 33,900 km sq out of a of 46,000 km sq (74% of the total area).

Ganope also drilled four exploratory wells, two of which were successful, and at a success rate of 50% – higher than the world average.

Aerial surveys of gravitational and magnetic and seismic data in the open areas (not concession areas) within the scope of Ganope were compiled and the necessary approvals were obtained, in preparation for launching a tender in the near future.