Fuel Prices Not to Increase for Industrial Sector

Fuel Prices Not to Increase for Industrial Sector

Fuel supplied to the industrial sector will not face any price increase, with the exception of cement industry, Head of Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC), Abed Ezz El Regal, told Al Mal News.

The Egyptian Cabinet announced that the price of diesel provided for the cement industry will increase from EGP 2,500 per ton to EGP 3,500 per ton. However, diesel price will not increase for the remaining sectors, including electricity and food industries, Ezz El Regal added.

In November, mazut prices for food industries reached EGP 1,500, while for electricity and cement prices it reached EGP 2,500, and for brick kilns and the remaining manufacturing industries mazut prices reached EGP 2,100.

The price of gas provided to the industrial sector is bound by agreements between the factories and companies that differ from one agreement to the other, Ezz El Regal pointed out, adding that no decision was taken regarding gas price in the recent increases.

Kerosene prices, as well as diesel prices, increased by 55% from EGP 2.35 per liter to EGP 3.65 per liter.


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