ExxonMobil Egypt Celebrates Kafr Elsheikh University’s Triumph in Enactus Egypt’s National Competition

ExxonMobil Egypt Celebrates Kafr Elsheikh University’s Triumph in Enactus Egypt’s National Competition

ExxonMobil Egypt joined the final round of Enactus Egypt’s annual national competition, bringing together 1,300 students.

Kafr Elsheikh University Enactus Team was announced as the national champion of this competition with the project “Hermetia” for its innovative approach in contributing to solving fish, poultry and animal feed shortage and innovating the first biological water filter. 

The competition included 33 teams from different universities, both public and private.

Only five teams were made it to the final round. The national champion team, showcasing exemplary leadership in entrepreneurial ventures with a lasting sustainable impact on society, will represent Egypt in the World Cup, to be held in the Netherlands at the end of October 2023. 

For his part, Youssef Hafez, Board Member, Public and Government Affairs Manager of ExxonMobil Egypt, declared admiration for the fervent passion and unwavering commitment exhibited by Enactus teams, as they contribute magnificently to society through their entrepreneurial skills “My colleagues and I eagerly volunteered to be in the jury panel in this competition, to be part in choosing the winner among the 5 qualifying teams,” Hafez remarked. “I take immense pride in the cooperative endeavors between Enactus Egypt and ExxonMobil Egypt, aligning perfectly with our commitment to empower and lift the youth. This is within the Framework of our responsibility represented in supporting and enabling young people as part of our strategy to help the members of participating teams build diverse skills that help them in several areas to ensure the success of social entrepreneurship projects. These areas include the market economy, entrepreneurship, success and innovation skills, and project management.” 

Furthermore, Hafez expressed his deep appreciation for the remarkable 13-year collaboration with Enactus Egypt: “We value the longstanding cooperation with such a pioneering organization, during which we worked to develop youth capabilities. We worked diligently to bolster the aptitude of young individuals, free enterprise, and social innovation resulting in dynamic cooperation that enables young entrepreneurs to make a lasting positive change in society, and this cooperation embodies our joint commitment to leading impactful solutions and supporting a generation of change-makers who shape a brighter future for Egypt and beyond,” highlighting the company’s unwavering support in developing youth capabilities, championing free enterprise, and fostering social entrepreneurship. 

Fatma Serry, founder and president of Enactus Egypt, expressed sincere gratitude for the fruitful cooperation with ExxonMobil Egypt since 2010, stating, “We hold ExxonMobil Egypt’s participation in high regard, as we consider it one of the most important pillars of the competition. We also commend the efforts made by the company as a main supporter of the activities of Enactus Egypt. We are proud of Egypt’s achievement in progressing to advanced stages in the Enactus World Cup having an impressive international track record with winning six times, which strengthened Egypt’s representation through its youth at the global level.”

ExxonMobil Egypt are exerting distinguished efforts in supporting student teams and startups through social responsibility programs. A multitude of its employees’ volunteer annually to support these ambitious youths. These initiatives are in line with Egypt’s Vision 2030, as the company cooperates with student activities, various entities, and institutions. This innovative collaboration has been instrumental in achieving positive societal change and fulfilling Egypt’s ambitious aspirations.


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