Ethiopia will export natural gas within the next three to five years, the government’s mines minister Tolossa Shagi told the Associated Press according to Daily Mail.

Chinese upstream operator China Poly Technology has invested almost $5b in the country, following its discovery of about 4.7 tcf of natural gas, the company said to the state news agency. China Poly is building a pipeline connecting the feedstock in the southeastern region of Ogaden to Djibouti, where the gas can then be exported.

In September, the Chinese company said expected to produce 40b gallons of gasoline after three years, Ethiopia News Agency reported.

President Mulatu Teshome held talks with Huang Geming, Vice President of China Poly Technology Company at the National Palace. During the discussion, President Teshome said the relationship between Ethiopia and China would help attract more huge companies into Ethiopia.

Huang Geming added that the pipeline that connects Ogaden to port of Djibouti will export the gas to Europe and others nations.

Minister Shagi projects the country will earn more than $1b annually from gas exports, once on line.

Also, US contractor Black Rhino announced a deal to build a $1.5b-pipeline to import fuel from Djibouti into Ethiopia, the company said.