Eskom Invests in Renewable Energy Research

Eskom Invests in Renewable Energy Research

Eskom’s Power Plant Engineering Institute (EPPEI) is going to donate $302,693 to the Center for Renewable and Sustainable Energy Studies (CRSES), based at Stellenbosch University, in line with its long-term plan to invest in the renewable energy research studies, ESI Africa reported.

According to Engineering News, Eskom’s Divisional Executive for Corporate Affairs, Chose Choeu, underlined the importance of the investment in securing a sustainable legacy for the people of South Africa.

“Eskom’s unique role in driving the socio-economic growth requires us to work intimately with academic institutions to develop path-breaking knowledge base in the science environment,” Choeu said.

He further stated that CRSES received $227,000 in 2016, from Eskom’s EPPEI and they will also receive a $227, 00 worth funding from the Research, Testing and Development (R, T&D) business unit for a two-year renewable photovoltaic penetration study.

In 2012, EPPEI identified concentrated solar power (CSP) and wind energy as the two focal areas for Eskom in the field of renewable-energy and, subsequently, solar photovoltaics was added.


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