Eni and Chevron Lummus Global LLC, (CLG) announced the implementation of a Joint Cooperation and Licensing Agreement for a full range of residue hydrocracking solutions, a press release issued by Eni stated.

The agreement will involve Eni’s EST (Eni Slurry Technology) and LC-FINING, LC-MAX, LC-SLURRY and LC-LSFO technologies from CLG. These technologies will allow refiners the luxury of enjoying a wide range of conversion solutions, including the conversion of residue to valuable distillate products.

The two companies will also be able to utilize and enhance their hydrocracking technologies. They will work together to develop the next generation of process and catalyst technologies suited to address the complete conversion of low-value residua and alternative feedstocks to valuable transportation fuels and petrochemical precursors.

In this regard, Ujjal Mukherjee, Managing Director of CLG, said “In Eni, we found the right partner to complement and grow our vital residue hydrocracking portfolio. Eni and CLG were founded on intense research, high technical standards and rapid commercialization of technologies. We look forward to combining our deep talent pools to provide our clients the most robust and economically attractive conversion technologies.”

For his part, Giuseppe Ricci, Eni Energy Evolution Chief Operating Officer, commented “With the signature of this agreement, we believe that CLG and Eni will be able to offer the market a new range of services to better respond to industry need. Moreover, we are convinced that this cooperation will lead to an important step in the energy transition by advancing our hydrocracking technologies to also process alternative and more challenging feedstocks like plastic waste.”