Nama Group has launched a conservation campaign through its social media as a first step to larger scale campaign which will continue to run till the end of August.

It includes many associated events, such as spreading awareness messages through social media during Ramadan and organising an energy conservation competition through the campaign’s hashtag (#Nama_Conservation), said a statement.

The electricity distribution companies’ role will be organising energy conservation lectures and workshops after Ramadan is spreading the concept of energy conservation in the community is one of Nama Group’s top priorities.

These lectures will focus on a large segment of consumers through Omani women associations and youth groupings and will include a number of competitions in which winners will win amazing prizes.

The campaign aims at promoting the concept of energy conservation and reducing energy consumption.

The outcomes of the campaign will be revealed at the beginning of next September, said the statement.

The consumption value of a number of consumers will be compared with last year’s value in order to determine the effectiveness of the campaign in changing energy conservation habits among consumers.

Source: Trade Arabia