The state-run Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC) has completed the conversion process of four gas stations to operate with solar power, vice executive chairman for operations Amr Mostafa told Amwal Al Ghad on Monday.

Two of the four stations set to be transformed are affiliated to Misr Petroleum Company; while the other two are affiliated to the Co-operation Petroleum Co. – CO-OP”.

Mostafa added that EGPC had also finished qualifying a number of roofs of governmental buildings to run with renewable power as well as converting Gulf of Suez Petroleum Co (GUPCO) to work with solar power and connect it to the national network to generate necessary power for it.

EGPC is currently executing internal project in its building to convert it to depend on solar power to provide necessary power for the corporation, the official noted.

Moreover, Mostafa pointed out that government’s plan is to rely basically on renewable energy within the upcoming years, instead of traditional fuel to provide large amount of natural gas to be dedicated to value-added industry to make highest profit.

Source: Amwal Al Gad