Egypt plans to lay the foundation stone of the EuroAfrica Interconnector project in November 2018, energy expert Hani el Noqrashi told the Middle East News Agency (via Egypt Today).

The $4 billion project will allow Egypt to export half of the El Burullus power plant’s output to Cyprus and Greece. The electricity will be transmitted via a 2,000 MW sub-sea power cable, lying up to 3,000 meters below sea level in some areas.

The 1,707-km cable will be the longest interconnector in the world, and will have an annual transmission capacity of 17.5 terrawatt hours.

The installation of the cable will take place over several stages. A 330-km cable will be laid between Crete and the  Attica peninsula on mainland Greece. A 498-km cable will then be installed between Egypt and Cyprus, along with a 879-km cable between Cyprus and Crete. The project is expected to be completed by 2021.

The EuroAfrica project will consolidate Egypt’s position as an African energy hub and allow it to become an important electricity carrier for Europe.