Eng. Sameh Fahmy, Minister of Petroleum, held bilateral talks with Eng. Omran Abu Kuraa’, Minister of Gas, Electricity and Water in Libya, and Murli Deora, Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas in India to increase cooperation in the oil and gas sector.
The talks comprised means of bolstering oil, gas and petrochemicals domains during the coming period, and the agreement on establishing new joint ventures achieving common interests, and the best monetization of resources leading to attracting more investments and availing new job opportunities.
Concerning the talks with Abu Kuraa’, the two ministers agreed to establish two new joint ventures; the first will be in association with Petrojet Co., specialized in implementing petroleum projects, the second with Enppi Co. specialized in engineering designs.
On the other side, Fahmy confirmed that the talks with his Indian counterpart resulted in the agreement on implementing cooperation in four domains, construction of a 3rd or 4th generation joint oil refinery that produces high quality petroleum products, participation with the Indian companies in implementing the national plan for providing natural gas to houses, which is being executed in Egypt, cooperation in the field of oil and gas exploration in Egypt and agreement on exchanging technicians, engineers in the Egyptian as well as Indian oil and gas companies particularly those in the companies of Enppi and Petrojet.
Fahmy also reviewed the available opportunities for the Indian companies to participate in the Petrochemicals National Plan which is currently underway in Egypt.