Egypt is implementing a national plan to add 20,100 MW by 2020, boosting Egypt’s total electricity capacity to 58,100 MW, Daily News Egypt reported.

The new total capacity will have 34,400 MW coming from high-efficiency combined cycle stations, in which fuel consumption reaches 170grams/kWh of fuel equivalent.

Meanwhile, 750 MW are planned to be added from solar power plants and 6,960 MW to be added from wind farms by 2022.

The government’s national plan forecasted savings in electricity due to the tariff restructuring program. The plan further highlighted the importance of setting a realistic price signal for the production cost, transportation cost, and the cost of distributing electricity to citizens.

Egypt’s national plan is the second of its type, which was set taking into account any challenges faced during implementing the first plan in order to get the desired results.

According to the first plan, energy capacity from conventional power stations recorded 37,900 MW, while energy from renewable sources reached 890 MW.