The African Cooperation Committee of the Federation of Egyptian Industries (FEI) searched with the Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of Mozambique, Julio Pio, for the available cooperation between Egypt and Mozambique, according to Mubasher.

This came in attendance of Sherif El-Gabali, CEO of FEI; Maged El-Menshawy, a member of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, and Medical Supplies and CEO of Menapharma, Khaled Abubakr, a member of the FEI and CEO of TAQA Arabia, and Sherif Magdy, CEO of Enara Capital for Investment.

Pio confirmed that Mozambique is interested in all the projects related to natural gas, fertilizers, and petrochemical industries, in addition to the solar energy projects and agriculture and food industries investments.

He expects his country to become one of the biggest natural gas producing countries within the upcoming three years.

El Gebali said that Egypt prepares a visit to Mozambique in 2020 which will include members of the African Cooperation Committee of the FEI and a group of Egyptian businessmen in all fields, aiming at stimulating bilateral cooperation and increasing trade and investment.