An Egyptian-government committee has decided on a series of projects in electricity generation, construction, and transportation designated for bilateral cooperation with China, which will be offered to the Chinese delegation accompanying Chinese President, Xi Jinping’s visit to Egypt in February, Daily News Egypt reports.

In the field of electricity and renewables, the committee will welcome Chinese investment in two power generation plants and a storage facility, on which plans have already begun. The committee also hopes for Chinese investment in the government’s plans to build electric passenger trains between the 10th of Ramadan and El-Salam, districts of Cairo, Alexandria, and Abu Qir, as well as between Bilbeis and Roubiky.

China will also be offered construction projects in the new administrative capital, in developing Egypt’s villages, and around industrial sites such as the Suez Canal. China has also been welcomed into agricultural and land-reclamation research and desertification investment projects.

The commission planning for President Xi’s visit includes the ministries of Housing, Electricity, Investment, Agriculture, Trade and Industry, Transportation, International Cooperation, Higher Education, and Culture, and the Chairperson of General Authority for the Suez Canal Economic Zone. The goals of the committee are to overcome the challenges facing Chinese investment in Egypt to bring much-needed funding to the country.