EGAS announced that the gas capacity pumped to fertilizer plants has been restored to 100% of fulfillment of contractual obligations, after dropping to 85% due to reduced capacity in the national gas network, an EGAS official told El Borsa.

The official stated that “pumping to plants will not be reduced again, and we will provide for the full needs of the industrial sector according to the signed contracts.”

The report stated that the estimated contractual amount of working natural gas plants in Egypt is 510mf/d., and the gross amount of gas produced in Egypt is 4.12mf/d, with 850mf added from imports.

Fertilizer factories, among the highest consumers of gas, receive 510mcf/d of gas, according to an official quoted by Daily News Egypt. Abu Qir and Talkha factories receive 138mcf/d and 67mcf/d, respectively.  EGAS transfers 45mcf/d to Misr Fertilizers Company, while Al-Masriya factories receive 90mcf/d.

An official with the Alexandria Fertilizers Company confirmed that the full supply had been restored, adding that the company needs 40m thermal units per month.

An official with the Helwan Fertilizers Company added that the return of the full supply would allow for recovery of losses incurred over the year. He explained that as gas cuts were made, production fell and the company was forced to pay workers from its reserves – endangering its financial health. The Helwan official also asked for the development of a more equitable gas network between electricity and industrial plants.