Egyptian Automotive & Trading Company (EATC) in cooperation with Volkswagen (VW) Group are working on a partnership with The Arab Organization for Industrialization (AOI) to launch two vehicle models of Crafter and Cadi 5 equipped with a natural gas engine, Karim Al-Naggar, CEO of EATC and President of Kayan Company told Al-Mal.

Al-Naggar stated that VW explores the idea of manufacturing natural gas engines specifically for Egypt to meet the needs of the local market, in addition to exporting to other markets. He added that VW awaits government incentive programs for this project, through an agreement extending for seven years, which will explain the needed amount of production required for local consumption.

He explained that the locally manufactured VW Crafter will replace mass transit, while Cadi 5 will replace old cars and taxis.

Al-Naggar added that his companies are also working in other directions through importing natural gas-based cars and electric cars, in line with the country’s strategies in this regard. As for Kayan specifically, he revealed that a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with VW will be signed before Christmas to import Škoda Octavia and Russian-manufactured Rapid running on natural gas.