Dubai Solar Palm Trees Provide Gridless, Free Telecoms Power

Dubai Solar Palm Trees Provide Gridless, Free Telecoms Power

Dubai-based D Idea announced that their photovoltaic Smart Palms can generate around 7.

2 kilowatt hours per day, reported Reuters.

The six-meter-tall tree with its leaf-shaped solar modules, then, can operate without ever drawing off the grid and are designed to carry a Wi-Fi hotspot, eight charging stations for phones and tablets, and a touch-screen for public information.

“Subsequent Smart Palms will have ATM machines and utility bill payment services,” said CEO Viktor Nelepa. “Our team has also started to find new ways in which the Smart Palm can support other forms of sustainable generation, specifically through air and water purification modules.”

There are currently only two prototype palms but over the next 12 months 103 Smart Palms will be installed in Dubai city.

According to Arabian Business this renewable energy invention was sponsored by the UAE’s Cabinet Year of Innovation project with several participants, including the Dubai Municipality, Sun Tab Solar Energy and Promo Tech Gulf Industry.

“Through Smart Palm, the public will be able to benefit from free direct access to the internet while providing valuable public information covering a range of topics including weather forecasts and orientation guides”, said Hussain Lootah, the director general of Dubai Municipality, adding that “Most importantly, these structures are entirely self-sufficient thanks to their mono crystal solar panels, which provide up to 21% efficiency.”


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