Egypt’s consumption of diesel exceeded 1.2 million ton per month, across all the consuming sectors, said Abed Ezz El Regal, Head of the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC), according to Amwal Al Ghad.

Ezz El Regal pointed out that the country produces around half of its consumption per year, reaching 600,000 tons per month, which contribute to feeding the demands of electricity and industrial sectors, as well as citizens’ needs.

“Expansions at the country’s refineries will directly contribute to increasing the output of petroleum products including diesel,” Ezz El Regal said, adding that “Egypt currently imports Iraqi crude oil to be distributed across refineries to produce fuel for local consumption.”

“Producing fuel in Egypt decreases imports, and lowers the subsidies burden on the country’s budget,” Ezz El Regal highlighted, adding that the sector is seeking to benefit from new oil discoveries in establishing huge refineries that cover local market demands of fuel.