Cabinet Denies Natural Gas Prices Surge

Cabinet Denies Natural Gas Prices Surge

The Cabinet’s media center denied rumors about an increase in household natural gas prices, according to Al Ahram.

The cabinet affirmed that there is no correlation with the new gas transmission tariff and the household natural gas prices. The Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources noted that they will implement a program to deliver natural gas to as many households as they can.

Furthermore, in order to replace butane with natural gas, the government has launched an initiative that allows household owners to pay fees in installments without a down payment. It is worth noting that natural gas delivery to households has increased by 12.6% to reach 1.7 million units in 2019.  Natural gas was also delivered to 2013 commercial consumers, and 56 factories in 2019. Additionally, 16.7% of cars were converted to be using natural gas, rounding up a total of 300,000 cars in 2019, compared to 257,000 cars in 2018.


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