UK’s BP and Royal Dutch Shell have signed a contract to process 650mcf/d of gas from North Alexandria fields through Burullus gas processing plant for $0.3 per 1mcf. Accordingly, a pipeline will be constructed to link Burullus plant and North Alexandria concession in the deep-water of the Mediterranean Sea, reported Al Borsa.

It is noted that Burullus plant has a total production capacity estimated at  around 1.1bcf/d, however currently it is producing the reported 650mcf/d.

Late September, Egypt Oil&Gas reported that BP had acquired Shell’s Rosetta gas treatment plant in Egypt, for $128m. BP had received the plant in April 2016 to prepare it to be linked to the production of Giza and Fayoum gas fields in northern Alexandria. Accordingly, BP and Shell had transferred  production from the Rosetta field to the Burullus processing plant.