APR Energy has won a project for a fast-track dual-fuel power plant in Benin. The deal is a 12-month contract with Benin’s Ministry of Energy, Water and Mines for a 50MW plant running on APR’s fuel-flexible aeroderivative turbines. The turbines will be fuelled by natural gas with the ability to switch to diesel if needed, Penn Energy reported.

APR’s Chairman, John Campion, said that the project is expected to come online in December. He added that it would help Benin “in its effort to become self-reliant when it comes to power generation,” according to Power Magazine. Benin currently imports a significant portion of its electricity from neighboring Ghana, Ivory Coast and Nigeria, and this project will allow Benin to grow its economy using domestically produced power.

APR Energy is the world’s leading provider of fast-track mobile turbine power. With the 50MW in Benin, the company would have installed more than 1,000MW of generating capacity in 11 African countries since 2008, as a partner in the U.S. government’s Power Africa initiative. In late September, Egypt Oil&Gas reported that more than $1b in debt and financing commitments from US agencies and private investors under Africa energy initiative, Power Africa, had been finalized. Three years after the launch of the program, the US was on track to fulfill its initial $7b commitment over five years, and several departments and agencies had announced that they’d expanded Power Africa commitments.