Baker Hughes to Supply Canada’s Cedar LNG Project with Electric-driven Liquefaction Technology

Baker Hughes to Supply Canada’s Cedar LNG Project with Electric-driven Liquefaction Technology
Image courtesy of Baker Hughes; Baker Hughes hardhat close up

Baker Hughes has secured a deal with Black & Veatch, a global engineering, construction, and consulting company, to provide Cedar LNG in Canada with cutting-edge electric-driven liquefaction technologies. The award was booked in the first quarter of 2024.

Baker Hughes will supply a range of turbomachinery equipment, consisting of four electric-driven main refrigeration compressors, two electric-driven boil-off gas compressors, and six centrifugal pumps. Powered by renewable electricity, Cedar LNG is poised to emerge as one of the most environmentally sustainable LNG facilities globally.

The Cedar LNG project brings together the Haisla Nation and Pembina Pipeline Corporation (Pembina) to develop the Haisla Nation-led project. The project is a key element of the Haisla Nation’s economic and social development strategy and will further advance reconciliation by allowing the Haisla Nation, for the first time ever, to directly own and participate in a major industrial development in its territory, Baker Hughes stated in a press release on Friday.

“The Cedar LNG project represents an important step toward reducing carbon emissions through lower-carbon LNG facilities that can supply customers looking to move away from more carbon intensive feedstocks,” said Laszlo von Lazar, president of Black & Veatch’s Energy & Process Industries business. “This is an important aspect of near-term decarbonization plans around the world, and Canada’s abundant natural gas supply means Cedar LNG is in a strong position to accelerate this phase of the energy transition. And our team is eager to take on this opportunity with our long-standing partner Baker Hughes,” Lazar continued.

“This award is the latest important milestone for Baker Hughes in the LNG market, demonstrating the strength of our portfolio and our commitment to collaborating with industry partners while providing efficient and lower carbon solutions for the natural gas market,” said Ganesh Ramaswamy, executive vice president of Industrial & Energy Technology at Baker Hughes. “Over the next decade, electrification will play a critical role in the energy transition, enabling further reduction of carbon emissions from natural gas,” Ramaswamy added.


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