Attempt to Steal Gasoline Line in Beheira Fails

Attempt to Steal Gasoline Line in Beheira Fails

The Governor of Beheira, Hesham Amena, announced that the offender who caused the fire in the transmission line of petroleum materials in Itay El Barud was arrested, citing Al Ahram Gate on November 13.

According to a cabinet statement, Petroleum Pipelines Co. (PPC)’s Chairman, Abdel Monem Hafez, reported that there was an attempt to steal a petroleum materials line in Beheira on November 13, at 1 PM, which caused a gasoline leak.

Hafez added that the required procedures had been conducted through stopcock closure and fire control.

The fire, which broke out on a gasoline 92 transmission line between El Max in Alexandria and Moustrod in Cairo, resulted in the death of six citizens and the injury of 15, the Ministry of Health reported.


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