Aramco Signs Three MoUs for Development of Low Carbon Energy Solutions

Aramco Signs Three MoUs for Development of Low Carbon Energy Solutions

Aramco has signed three Memorandum of with three American companies for advancing the development of lower-carbon energy solutions.

The MoUs were signed on Friday in the presence of Minister of Energy for Saudi Arabia, Abdulaziz bin Salman al Saud, and US Secretary of Energy, Jennifer Granholm.

The MoUs signed by Aramco include partnerships with Aeroseal, Spiritus, and Rondo. These cooperations aim to explore and accelerate the deployment of innovative technologies that can help reduce carbon emissions and support the company’s goal of achieving net zero Scope 1 and Scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

One of the MoUs was signed with Aeroseal, a company that specializes in building ductwork and envelopes. Aramco and Aeroseal will work together to test and deploy Aeroseal’s technology in the company’s building fleet and other potential applications such as gas pipelines. They will also explore opportunities to localize Aeroseal’s supply chain in Saudi Arabia.

Another partnership was formed with Spiritus, a company that focuses on direct air capture. Aramco and Spiritus will explore opportunities in this field, with a particular focus on reducing energy needs and developing a proprietary sorbent material that can remove carbon from the atmosphere more efficiently.

Lastly, Aramco signed an MoU with Rondo, a company that specializes in heat batteries. Together, they will explore the deployment of heat batteries in Aramco’s global facilities to reduce operating costs and support emissions reduction initiatives. This partnership has already started engineering studies for the first industrial-scale deployment of Rondo Heat Batteries, with plans for further scale-up in the future.

“Aramco has stated its ambition to achieve net zero Scope 1 and Scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions across its wholly owned operated assets by 2050 and sees opportunities to potentially build a lower-carbon new energy business. Innovative technologies deployed at scale can help reduce the costs of reducing carbon emissions, and we are investing in developing these through our R&D, venture capital, and technology deployment programs. We see the technologies of Aeroseal, Spiritus’, and Rondo to have the potential to scale globally, and specifically in the Middle East,” said Ali A. Al-Meshari, Senior Vice President of Technology, Oversight & Coordination, Aramco.

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