APA Corporation, and Total decided to conclude drilling operations at Keskesi East-1 discovery well offshore Suriname on Block 58, before reaching the Neocomian targets, as the well encountered substantial pressure increases during the drilling process, APA Corporation issued a relevant statement updating the well operational status.

According to the statement, the well encountered substantial pressure increases that APA and Total determined could ultimately exceed the capabilities of the wellbore design and pressure control equipment. Consequently, the partners decided to conclude drilling operations before reaching the Neocomian targets.

The data gathered from this well will be used to design a wellbore and drilling program that will ensure a safe test of the deep Neocomian targets in future exploration and/or appraisal operations.

Meanwhile, Additional drilling at the Keskesi East-1 well discovered hydrocarbons in the Lower Cretaceous interval and a carbonate depositional system above the top Neocomian target, both of which can validate the partners’ geologic models. However, this data doesn’t reveal concrete information about the Neocomian targets.

It should be mentioned that the Noble Sam Croft drillship will be released as planned after finalizing the Keskesi East-1 well’s operations. APA handed over operatorship of Block 58 to Total on January 1, 2021, as per the terms of their joint venture (JV) agreement. APA owns a 50 % of working interest, and Total owns the remaining 50% of working interest in Block 58.