A Season of Acquisitions and New Technology at Drexel Egypt

Thirty years of operation has not meant stagnation in Drexel’s product and service lines. Every year, innovative technologies and new brand names are added to the already extensive array of oil and gas provisions offered by Drexel in every area.
For nearly 29 years, Drexel has been providing Reedhycalog’s variety of PDC and Rock Bits. With Grant Prideco’s acquisition of Anderguage, the latest technology introduced in 2007 is Anderguage’s drilling systems for inclination control and 2D Rotary steering. Anderguage offers an incredibly wide variety of drilling solutions including mechanical adjustable stabilizers which have been successfully used to control inclination in rotary and steerable motor applications. Other Anderguage products with proven reliability include the hydraulic Anderguage, the Inclinometer and their 3D Drilling Downhole adjustable rotary tool.
In the area of Wellhead Servicing, Drexel’s longtime principal, Cameron has also made an important acquisition and has now incorporated NuFlo Measurement Systems as Cameron’s Measurement Systems Division. NuFlo Measurement Systems was established in 2003 as a result of the acquisition and merger of three companies: Barton Instrument Systems, Halliburton Measurement Systems and PMC Global Industries. For decades Cameron has provided high quality dependable flow equipment products and services to companies at any stage of the oil and gas industry from expansion to processing and now offer even more.
Cameron’s current major subsea projects in Egypt include West Delta Deep Marine Phase IV comprising three wells which are underway and Rosetta with five wells expected to start during Q2 of 2007. Over the coming two years, Cameron’s plans also include development of BP’s Taurt and Raven Fields with at least 15 wells in the primary phases.
On a different note, the worldwide supplier of Multi Megawatt Power, Aggreko has strengthened its global position as the leading supplier of temporary power in the world. Last December, Aggreko acquired General Electric’s Energy Rental Business worldwide. Aggreko has also simultaneously more than doubled their investment in new equipment to meet the ever-growing world and local demands. Aggreko now offers a wider range of equipment and improved availability. In collaboration with Drexel Oilfield Equipment – Egypt – Aggreko serves the Egyptian Market through their new Depot Facility in Dubai ensuring a seamless flow of services to our existing and new customers.

New Technology
To meet the demand due to the increase in offshore activity in Egypt in recent years, Drexel is launching ASEP’s newest product lines which incorporate and extensive menu of specialized well service equipment and wireline. The hottest innovations for ASEP are various models of skid-mounted wireline units, truck-mounted wireline units, truck-mounted wireline/crane units, skid-mounted telescopic wireline mast units, skid-mounted foldable wireline mast units, pneumatic compressor units and pressure control equipment.
Yet another advanced specialization in the area of decommissioning provided by Norse Cutting & Abandonment (NCA). With their unique mobile cutting technologies and extensive experience, NCA can guide you in choosing the best method for your needs. The newest technology is a range of multi-string cutters and ROV carried cutting tools – setting a new standard for subsea cutting.
Gaining Seed in the Oil and Gas market is Fantoft’s Dynamic Process Simulation for field development, LNG Plants and pipelines. By using a truly integrated software platform for engineering, Fantoft provides valuable tools for operations and plant engineers.

(Oil Egypt)


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