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  • New Generation Concept: VOS Navigates the Oil Price Waves

    New Generation Concept: VOS Navigates the Oil Price Waves

    Tuesday, 9th February 2016
    We have just left behind a difficult year for Offshore Shipping. Extremely harsh business conditions have been forcing many companies all across the industry to implement often dramatic cost-saving and re-structuring measures. In 2016 the global Oil & Gas market continues with the alignment of operations and investment strategies on the basis of the ongoing, low oil-price reality. However, market fluctuations are part of the business in which we operate and the key to success is being flexible enough to add value in all circumstances. In such a challenging environment, Vroon Offshore Services (VOS), a leading maritime offshore-services provider with over fifty years’ experience in the business, has continuously been developing and enhancing its world-class offshore-support solutions.
  • NeoScope: Sourceless Formation Evaluation while Drilling

    NeoScope: Sourceless Formation Evaluation while Drilling

    Tuesday, 12th January 2016
    Avoiding chemical sources saves time and money logging a directional well in Egypt New sourceless measurement capabilities have become available in a unique logging-while-drilling (LWD) service based on pulsed neutron generator (PNG) technology. The NeoScope formation evaluation while drilling service provides a comprehensive sourceless petrophysical description of the formation in the shortest multifunction LWD collar available. Eliminating the need for chemical sources reduces drilling risk and handling costs, and also avoids potential delays related to local permitting and regulations.