The Project

Increasing power generation by using MPUs turbines (Mobile Power Units) with ISO power of 8.4 MW to cover the required power at karama fields.


1- Connecting all future wells to OHTL (Over Head Transmission Lines) to match drilling and production plan.

2- Achievement of the production plan by increasing power capacity to run the new production facilities.

3- Replacing the running Diesel Generators and using them to cover karama power at the remote areas which are not covered by OHTL.

4- The high efficiency of the turbines rather than using diesel generators to eliminate shutdown and decrease of the production loss.

The Egyptian Companies involved in this project:

-Enppi: Design

-EMC: Installation & Materials supply

-Materials Supply: ElSewedy, ELMACO, ABB &  Schneider.

Project Cost

Total cost of purchasing three MPUs (Taurus 60), Engineering & Construction and Cost of OHTL Connections is about $24.1M.

Project Time Frame

Construction of the facility is estimated to start in October 2015.