NOV Expands Footprint in Egypt with New Business Unit

NOV Expands Footprint in Egypt with New Business Unit

National Oilwell Varco (NOV) is expanding in Egypt by introducing a new business unit within its group as a Completion and Well Construction Products provider. NOV has the knowledge and knowhow for optimizing and reducing the number of drilling days by utilizing its technology for its completion system design.

NOV technology offers completion deployment reduction for frac sleeves (including dissolvable balls and seats); and zonal isolation options, such as the multistage fracturing completion systems (MFS) consisting of sleeves, either cemented or open hole with packers, increasing efficiency both in terms of time and cost.

Recent success of having NOV Liner Hanger System was deployed in Egypt on December 31, 2018 where NOV Completion team successfully ran the first Liner Hanger in the country with Onshore Sinai, one of the major Exploration and Production (E&P) companies. Running liners is not without risk. Wellbores take on many characteristics that are often challenging to liner deployment. Wells with high pressure differentials and extreme temperature ranges can threaten tool integrity.

This can lead to nonproductive time (NPT), which drives up cost. These extreme environments require liner system solutions that can effectively manage the liner to total depth while mitigating risks and withstanding severe conditions. NOV Liner Hanger technology has been cutting their teeth to help the operator to drill and complete the Liner installation successfully using its high-strength running tool, which connects the drill pipe used to run the liner and the liner hanger assembly.

More importantly, however, the tool allows operators to get rough with the liner by rotating and reciprocating it to get to the bottom without the fear of premature release. Once the liner has reached setting depth, it can be released from the running tool very easily. A debris exclusion system, which completely seals the liner top and prevents the entry of drill cuttings, mud solids and cement into the liner, is another feature; especially in extended reach wells, the entry of debris into the liner top can potentially prevent the release of running tools, which leads to expensive remedial actions.

Other differential tools include a ball seat that is located in the running string, and a compact top drive plug dropping cementing manifold with high torque, pressure and tensile ratings. Reservoirs are commonly extremely sensitive to pressure surges. If a pressure surge is strong enough to cause a weak formation to break down, then an adequate cement job is at risk, which could lead to future remedial work. Consequently, a key component of a successful liner job is to end up with a good cement bond across specific zones.

The technologies used in this well were not new, from the standpoint that the products already existed, but the way of deployment is noteworthy and helped the operator to meet a key requirement: reduction of drill time; and smooth deployment of the system, achieving the operator’s KPIs of installing a Liner system, where the Liner systems help reduce capital expenditure (CAPEX) by eliminating the need to extend a single, long casing string to the top of the wellbore. A liner hanger allows the liner (casing below the liner hanger) to be suspended in the previous casing string to reduce material cost and provide completion solution options.

The choice of which type of liner drilling system to deploy depends upon the well’s requirements, and must also account for the added risks associated with more sophisticated assemblies, and the extra costs.

NOV Completion Solutions will continue to develop additional products and extend applications of its Completion and Well Construction Systems for the different Egyptian E&P operators’ challenges, cost optimizations and applications’ needs.

The oil and gas domain requires constant improvement of technologies in the exploration, development, drilling, and production sectors. In this era, “We understand that today’s solutions will not be good enough for tomorrow. Our ability to integrate leading products delivers greater certainty, quality, and improved process technologies. We partner with E&P companies to reduce the NPTs, and to configure and construct comprehensive solutions that fit their needs. Whether it’s a single piece of quality equipment or an expertly designed system, you can count on us to deliver on time and on budget,” said Tamer Shaker, Regional General Manager Middle East & North Africa at NOV Completion Solutions.

NOV has substantial investments in over 14 locations in the UAE – from manufacturing and assembly to maintenance and certification facilities. NOV is present in over six locations throughout Egypt, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, and Oman. The company has manufacturing facilities for its Completion and Well Construction Business Unit in different MENA locations. “Moreover, in every country in the Mena region we support our customers with a professional sales and technical force team and maintenance facilities,” said Shaker.

NOV is the backbone of the oil and gas industry with singular focus on delivering the finest products and services on time and on budget, where today’s catchphrase is “how to being part of the process of reducing the lifecycle of drilling and production to produce effectively while maintaining quality and safety.” The company has the technical expertise to create optimized drilling and production system designs.

NOV’s completion system excellent capabilities extend to the following categories: Frac Lower Completion systems, Well Construction Products and Open Hole applications, Intervention Equipment, “fit for purpose”. NOV is also adept at coiled tubing intervention systems design.


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