Mediterranean Shale… Success Story

Taurt-7 is a development well drilled in Taurt concession in the Mediterranean Sea owned by BP/IEOC -50/50 and operated by Petrobel

M-I Swaco is the drilling fluids service for this well , The 12.25” hole was drilled to 1,534m using M-I high performance water base mud ULTRADRIL through Mediterranean reactive shale.

Drilled trouble free hole to TD, tripping and running 9 5/8” liner to bottom, Moreover our high lights doesn’t end at this point but we eliminate the risk of losses in the lower sand section by using a selected programs from our constellation which are Optistress & OptiBridge software which helped us design the optimum blend for the dynamic stress cage technique.

The 8.5” hole using Flo Pro DIF system for open hole  gravel pack, Using Optibridge to design the bridging material allows optimum blend to met success in preventing losses and reduce formation damage.
Completed the well using Na CL /KCL/Na Br completion brine utilizing 0.02% TSS and 15 NTU

  1. Highlight
  2. Ultradril succeeded in taming Mediterranean sea shale
  3. Succesful dynamic stress cage technique
  4. Flo Pro system drilled reservoir section eliminating losses & reducing formation damage.
  5. Ran completion screens trouble free
  6. Succesful train of pills ahead of completion brine lead to reduced rig time by half
  7. Superior engineering performance

Shale cutting drilled by ULTRADRIL mud system

Shale cutting drilled by ULTRADRIL mud system

Shale cutting drilled by ULTRADRIL mud system

M-I Unique Software Programs

M-I Unique Software Programs



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