Master of the Seas: Impresub’s Makes the Next Great Leap in Marine Services globally and in Egypt

Master of the Seas: Impresub’s Makes the Next Great Leap in Marine Services globally and in Egypt

With more than four decades of experience, Impresub’s long history as a company that operates in Egypt has witnessed many achievements and milestones, marking the company’s significantly positive contribution to the Egyptian economy. Yet, that only one part of an ambitious global expansion strategy.

For years, the company has established itself as a trusted provider of comprehensive subsea services. Their offerings span marine surveys, remotely operated vehicle (ROV) intervention, air and saturation diving, subsea construction, Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), Inspection, Maintenance & Repair (IMR), post-trenching stabilization and protection, positioning services with ROV assistance, dam and lagoon maintenance with intervention capabilities, asset integrity and life assessments, search and salvage operations, inventory management systems, and ship/vessel crewing, management, and chartering.

Beyond the breadth of services, the company boasts a high-quality inventory and advanced digital solutions. This includes digital twin technology and 3D cloud underwater imagery, providing clients with unparalleled insights into their subsea assets.

However, the company’s most significant achievement lies in its adaptability and global reach. Its ability to effectively restructure and operate in diverse locations around the world sets it apart from competitors, ensuring clients receive the expertise they need, wherever their projects may be.

Its success in Egypt has further amplified its triumphant entry, expansion and rapid gain in market share in the global market could not have been possible without its adoption of world-class QHSE best practices to preserve the environment and ensure the safety of one of the most important assets, its employees. Adapting global standards as part of the way the organization works, its equipment, and procedures all have highly credible DNV certifications and are 100% compliant with IMCA Guidelines. This is in addition to the fact that the Quality Management System is also certified by DNV Germanischer Lloyd in accordance with ISO9001:2015. On a global scale, the company has been operating through its affiliated bases and branches in the Mediterranean, North and West Africa, the Middle East, as well as Central and South America.

The company’s trenching services have significant attention worldwide in many different locations, including Tunisia, Italy, Brazil, and the Dominican Republic. This is due to the fact that it has gained extensive experience, particularly in the field of pipelines and cable trenching. With its flawless track record along with its well-trained team of seasoned engineers and project managers, excellence in trenching has become a core concept in the company’s policy and a fundamental business strategy that gives the organization the momentum it needs to invest in underwater technology.

In this particular area, the company is proud to have a rich amount of resources and operational capacities that go along well with its exceptionally dedicated human cadres. Their equipment and capabilities include but are not limited to (1) submarine burial and trenching equipment that be customized to cater to customer needs and project requirements; (2) the ability to design and manufacture PTMs that are compatible with a variety of different projects conditions/requirements with a highly seasoned global R&D team; (3) cutting-edge equipment that enables efficient interventions in deep and shallow waters, (4) high-pressure water jetting machines for loosening soil as well as mechanical trenching machine useful for dealing with cemented soils and rock formations that can be adjusted to work effectively under a variety of geological conditions; (5) PTMs that are fit a myriad of different cutting-edge sensors, tools, and other state-of-the-art technologies. To date, the company has trenched more than 1000 kilometers of pipeline on a global scale and approximately 700 km in the Egyptian part of the Mediterranean Sea.

Marine surveys have also played a significant role in the company’s success to this day. Impresub offers a variety of different services under this category, including desktop studies, analogue and digital well site surveys, geophysical route, and area surveys; pre-engineering, pre-lay, and post-lay pipeline, cable and umbilical route surveys; seabed inspection surveys, as-laid and as-built surveys; shallow geotechnical investigations (including Grab samples, Gravity Corer, Piston Corer, Vibro Corer, and CPT), land topographic survey, environmental and oceanographic measurements, and data evaluation & processing (online/offline).

Using the company’s world-class ROVs, it has attracted many clients with its ROV intervention services including subsea structure, pipeline, cable, and umbilical inspection and monitoring; inspection repair & maintenance (IRM) of underwater pipelines, cables, platforms, and subsea structures; NDT, including Pulse Eddy Current (PEC); bathymetric and geophysical survey; as-laid and as-built surveys; providing trenching support and assistance for pipelines & cables to ensure seabed stabilization, free span correction, and sufficient protection; wreck inspection; seabed cleaning and removal of debris.

Air and saturation diving services are also undeniably one of the company’s strong points as well, offering nondestructive testing (CVI, MPI, FMD, WTM, CP and much more), construction and installation of risers and “J” tubes; fiber optic and power cable installation; free-spans correction; protection features installation; redundant flow lines & SBM (SPM) recovery and maintenance; as well as FPSO Turret maintenance and hose changes.

Clients from around the world will also enjoy the rich variety of subsea construction and installation services offered at Impresub, which support flooding operations; the installation and removal of concrete mattresses/sand bags; platform jacket appurtenance installation (Spool, Risers, J-Tube, anodes, clamps and much more); installation of subsea pipeline features (anode, Smart Flange, clamps etc…); preparation and installation of hot-tapping umbilical installation; assistance with platform/template installation; assistance with subsea structures Installation (SSIV, PLEM, PLET etc…).

Regarding the Non Destructive Tests (NDT), the company is also proud to have its own patented tool the Subsea-PEC, to monitor corrosion status and it can also conduct average wall thickness measurements of inspection structures. the Subsea-PEC has the ability to take measurements without cleaning and removing the protective coating. For NDT, the company offers General Visual Inspection (GVI) Close Visual Inspection (CVI), Marine Growth Measurement (MGM), Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI), Cathodic Protection Measurement (CPM), Wall Thickness Measurement (WTM), Flood Member Detection (FMD), Alternating Current Field Measurement (ACFM), and Underwater Inspection in Lieu of Dry-Docking (UWILD).

As a company that is constant restructuring to excel and expand globally, Impresub has also gained importance around the world for its innovative asset integrity cycle which always works in the client’s interest to maintain asset integrity while saving the client money. The company’s standard cycle includes monitoring, survey, assessment, actions, and evaluation. Asset managers and engineers around the world would also be impressed with its advanced digital twin and 3D cloud-based technology which is sure to give the company the momentum it needs to gain an even greater market share in other international markets in the years to come.



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