Building People for A Better Sector

Building People for A Better Sector

The third day of the 8th Egypt Oil & Gas (EOG) Convention witnessed a Capacity Building feature, which was opened by Wolfpack CEO Kelly Bone giving a live coaching session titled “The Blue Ocean Mindset”. It encouraged people to live in the wide ocean of opportunities all the time and to seek the discomfort because in the discomfort is where people grow and expand the most and teaching the audience the difference between buffalos and cows in response to the storm, inspiring people to not turn heel and escape from the difficulties but rather to run right toward them and trying to solve them.

Then an inspiring panel discussion entitled “Building the Future Energy industry’s Blueprint for Success” moderated by Bone. The panelists were Alaa El Maraghy, Assistant Chairman for ICT-Rashid Petroleum Company, Bassem Embaby, Senior Vice President, Senior Director Egypt- Wintershall Dea, Nihal Abdelkarim, Development Engineering Company Manager IEOG, Samir AbdelMoaty, Quantity Manager, Egypt United Oil and Gas, Wang Hao, CTO of Energy, North Africa Region-HUAWEI.

For his part, Alaa El Maraghy, Assistant Chairman for ICT-Rashid Petroleum Company, commented: “The most important thing I want to tell you about is that there is a vision for the Ministry of the Petroleum which is concerned about people. We have a lot of capacity-building programs not only the Middle Management Program. Tomorrow we will start another program for executive leadership and also a program for process safety and other programs for energy efficiency, so there is a vision to modernize the oil and gas sector that we are working on.”

When it came to AbdelMoaty’s opinion, achieving progress is about making impressive accomplishments in human resources. “Every industry needs to work on their people first because that prepares them for the future.”

Moving on from just the philosophy of just building people, Embaby’s belief is that driving human beings to accomplish more always depends on the habit of having high expectations. “It is very important to bring up all expectations and people working on the process into the same level, [then] start to build up the capacity on this [level].”

However, for Hao, progress has to also go beyond human capabilities through the use of technology “There’s something I want to say to the companies that want to do the digital transformation: embrace the technology and charge (into) the storm. Don’t try to outrun the storm because you’re just prolonging the pain.”


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