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Off-grid Solutions to Boost Rwanda’s 2018 Power Plans

Rwanda Energy Group's (REG) CEO, Ron Weiss, has announced that off-grid solutions will be included among his plans to achieve the 563MW target set for 2018.

Rwanda, DRC Sign Oil Exploration Agreement

The Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda have signed a five-year joint exploration agreement for oil under Lake Kivu.

Rwanda, China Halt Oil Exploration Talks

Oil exploration in Rwanda has stalled after negotiations with Chinese firm BGP suddenly collapsed.

Rwanda to Develop 80MW Power Plant

Rwanda signed a new deal that seeks to develop an 80MW peat power plant to boost the country's ambitious target of achieving 70% of access to electricity by 2019.

RPCL Signed $75m Contracts

Rusumo Power Company Limited (RPCL) signed two contracts, worth $75m, for the initial construction works of the Regional Rusumo Falls Hydroelectric Project. The power project to generate 80MW of electricity.

Rwanda, Congo Signed Joint Exploration Deal

Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo signed a deal on the joint exploration of oil, methane gas and other natural wealth in Lake Kivu, with an aim of producing energy for the people of both countries.

Kenya Lost East Africa Fuel Imports

Rwanda and Burundi stopped importing their fuel needs through the Kenyan port of Mombasa because of the contamination of some cargoes and have opted to route shipments through Tanzania.

Rwanda to Boost Power Access by Off-Grid Connects

UK’s non-profit organization, Energy 4 Impact, has taken the role to assist the Rwandan government in providing access to electricity for rural inhabitants through off-grid connections, as the government of Rwanda se ...

Rwanda Establishes New Petroleum Regulatory Authority

Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority (RURA) has assumed the responsibility to regulate petroleum sector in the country as part of government's plan to separate policy institutions from regulatory work.

Rwanda Opens Pioneering Methane Electricity Plant

Rwanda formally opened a mega methane gas power plant, the Kivu-Watt Gas Power project, which is expected to produce more than 100MW from Lake Kivu in Western Province, a methane-rich water body.

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