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BP Pledges Oil, Gas Investments in the Middle East

BP has affirmed it will continue it will invest more money into Iraq’s, Oman’s, and the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) oil and natural-gas fields despite the company’s transition to renewable energy and tries to lowe ...

Kuwait, Iraq to Study the Development of Shared Oil Fields

Kuwait and Iraq plan to appoint consultants to study the development of shared oil fields, as a solution to long-standing tensions over cross border oilfields.

Iraq to Increase Production from Rumaila

Iraq aims to increase production at the Rumaila oilfield by 50,000 barrels per day (b/d) in 2018.

Egypt, Jordan, Iraq Affirmed Joint Oil, Gas Pipeline Projects

Egyptian, Jordanian, and Iraqi Oil Ministers confirmed their countries' commitments to pursue oil- and gas-related projects that had been previously agreed through a Memorandum of Understanding signed in mid-November ...

Rumaila Exceeds 10% Improved Production Target

The Rumaila Operating Organisation (ROO) has met a major milestone in the re-development of the super-giant field in Southern Iraq by increasing production by more than 10 per cent above the 1.066 million barrels a d ...

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