fuel prices | Egypt Oil & Gas - Part 5

Oman Revises Petrol, Diesel Prices

Oman’s Ministry of Oil and Gas has announced the revised petrol and diesel prices to be effective as of March. The prices for super grade and regular petrol decreased, while diesel price remained unchanged.

Local Stability of Dollar Saves Egypt 250m a Month

The stability of the local exchange rate for the US Dollar, will save the Egyptian government an estimated EGP 250m per month; a positive reduction that coincides with the low current Brent price of $28.94 (on Sunday ...

Oman Takes Long-Awaited Fuel Price Reforms

Oman has announced it will rise gasoline prices as of mid January. The move has been ascribed to the impact of persistently low oil prices.

Bahrain Amends Petrol Prices First Time in 33 Years

The Bahraini cabinet has just approved an amended price of petrol sales following the recommendations from the Executive Committee, as outlined in a memorandum submitted to Cabinet by the National Oil and Gas Authori ...

Oman Adopts Austerity Budget Boosting Non-Oil Revenues

Oman has adopted an austerity budget for 2016 with a projected deficit of $8.6b in order to tackle the 50% decline in state revenue by introducing economic diversification, increasing non-oil revenues, and encouragin ...

Aramco Confident Saudi Can Ride Out Oil Price Crunch

Saudi's state oil company, Aramco stated that Riyadh had the capacity and was better equipped to wait out current low oil prices compared to other oil producers, while projecting a more stable market in 2016.

UAE Lowers Domestic Fuel Prices, Increases Public Spending

The UAE’s ministry of energy announced that it would lower domestic prices for gasoline and diesel in January, making a long anticipated move given the plunge in Brent crude.

Riyadh’s 2016 Budget Targets Deficit by Cutting Public Spending

Saudi Arabia has unveiled plans to lower its current budget deficit of $97.9b to $87b in 2016 by making government projects more efficient and cost-effective, cutting public spending by introducing reforms to energy ...

Nigeria Feels Squeeze of Oil Price Plunge, Africa Suffers Too

The halving of crude prices has struck at the heart of Nigeria' state finances, reveals Bloomberg, with no facet of the country's oil revenues left unscathed.

Nigeria Takes Deregulation Advice from Private Sector Reformer

Dr Emmanuel Kachikwu, the new Director of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), called for the full deregulation of Nigeria’s oil and gas secto

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