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Leviathan Partners Consider Selling Gas to Edeltech

Noble Energy and its partners in the giant Leviathan gas field offshore Israel are working towards sealing another gas offtake deal ahead of the expected final investment decision (FID) for the project.

Israel Still Pursuing Energy Deals with Egypt Despite Freeze

Israeli companies are continuing to pursue energy trade deals with Egyptian firms despite the Egyptian government’s order to freeze current energy negotiations.

Noble Energy Poised to Sell Stake if Israeli Cabinet Overrides Knesset

Noble Energy (NBL) has agreed to sell its 47% stake in two undeveloped gas fields in the eastern Mediterranean to Israeli partner Delek Group for $67m.

Israel Agrees to Mediterranean Field Deals

Israel’s cabinet has reached agreements with Noble Energy and Delek Holdings to increase gas production in the East Mediterranean fields of Tamar and Leviathan,

Israel Still Struggling to Produce Gas from Mediterranean

Despite promising signs, Israel is still struggling to produce large amounts of natural gas from its Mediterranean fields, says Reuters.

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