Car Conversion | Egypt Oil & Gas - Part 3

El Molla Visits Gastec’s Fuel Conversion Center

Approximately 42,000 cars were converted to run with dual fuel of natural gas and diesel in 2020, indicating a 25% increase over the previous fiscal year (FY). This brings the total number of converted cars that s ...

Gastec Converts 320,000 Cars to Run on Natural Gas

Approximately 320,000 cars have been converted to run on natural gas-based fuel instead of gasoline.

MoP to Convert 147,000 Vehicles to Run on Natural Gas

In collaboration with the Minister of Trade and Industry, the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources aims to convert 147,000 gasoline-based vehicles to natural gas-based vehicles in three years, valued at EGP ...

Gastec Launches New Natural Gas Fuel Station

The Egyptian International Gas Technology (Gastec) launched its second Beni Suef’s natural gas fuel station, operating at a capacity of 900 cubic meters per hour (m3/h) and provided with six charging points.

Gastec Increases Revenues by 60% in 2019

The Egyptian International Gas Technology's (Gastec) net profits increased in 2019 to EGP 64.2 million from EGP 14.2 million in 2018, and increased its revenues by 60% recording EGP 1,381 billion in 2019 against E ...

Egypt Witnesses Cars Conversion to Natural Gas

Gastec witnessed a 250% increase in the number of cars conversion to natural gas instead of fuel to be 35 cars per day.

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