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Nigeria Cut Crude Prices

The Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation reduced the official selling price (OSP) of Nigeria’s crude oil grades as parts of a strategy to make Nigerian crude attractive to buyers and to help it regain its share of ...

Miltants Attacked Nigeria’s Bonny Crude Pipeline

The Niger Delta Avengers (NDA) has claimed responsibility for bombing the Bonny 48-inche crude oil export line in Rivers State in Nigeria.

Nigerian Oil Output to Continue Its Decline in 2017

According to a report by the Energy International Administration, the statistical arm of the United States’ Energy Department, Nigeria’s crude oil production is expected to remain depressed through 2017 as a result o ...

ExxonMobil to Reroute Nigerian Crude

US oil giant ExxonMobil plans to export Qua Iboe crude oil through a secondary pipeline while it repairs damaged of the main line sustained in July.

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