Attendees of the third day of the EOG 2nd Upstream Operational Excellence Convention received a live coaching session from Ms. Kelly Bone, Co-founder of Wolfpack Holdings, as part of the Young Professionals Day.

The dynamic session featured a mix of coaching, audience participation, motivational videos, and interviews.

The second part of the day was delivered by Ms. Bone to inspire the young professionals in attendance. During the talk, she gave attendees a series of practical steps and insightful tips that professionals can use to focus on their goals and realize their ambitions.

Ms. Bone started by taking the audience through the daily habits needed to get the most out of each day and fast-track their professional and personal development. These include: win your morning to win your day; time-blocking; delivering more than expected; self-reflection; and making time for 60 minutes of learning each day.

Bone then explained the six perspectives that need to be adopted to become a high achiever. The personal perspectives included: focusing on 20% purposeful aims to achieve 80% of the desired results; committing to self-mastery; moving from an engineering style to a purposeful style; being learning based; removing limiting believes; and being accountable.

After the session, young professionals in the audience were divided in seven groups. Each group, coached by a different industry leader, wrote a letter addressed to the Ministry of Petroleum.

“What they’re doing today is tailor a letter to the industry,” Ms. Bone said. “It will tell them what they are going to do to commit to the changes in the sector and how they will show up as leaders of the future,” she continued.

“It clears the path for the future of the industry.”


By Matthew Hoare