Victoria Oil & Gas update, announced that following the drilling of Cameroon’s well La-107 in early November, its subsidiary, Gaz du Cameroun (GDC), has successfully drilled, cased and cemented the topmost section of the well to a depth of 400 meters, Ecofin Agency reported.

Operations on La-107 were suspended as planned and the 1500 HP Komako 1 drilling rig, owned and operated by Savannah Oil Services Cameroon S.A. has moved to the La-108 well location to drill the 17.5 inch hole section on La-108, after which the rig will be moved back to the La-107 well to drill its 17.5 inch hole section, informed FE Investigate following Victoria Oil & Gas’ report.

The gas bearing target horizons, from which both new wells are expected to produce, are in the Upper Cretaceous Logbaba Formation, a thick sequence of interbedded sands and shales found at depths between 1,700m and 3,200m below the surface.

The two new wells located in the Logbaba Gas Field located in Douala, Cameroon, are required to meet the growing market demand for gas in Douala, to develop Logbaba reserves and to move some of the 2P (Proven plus Probable) reserves into the 1P (Proven) reserve category.