United Oil & Gas PLC (UOG) announced that the ASX-1X well has started production from the AR-C reservoir with 870 barrels of oil per day (bbl/d) initial gross rates, which was achieved on a 64/64″ choke, the company said in a press release.

The production came in three weeks from announcing the initial well results.

The ASX-1X exploration well, which reached a total depth of 4,272 meters, was ahead of schedule while still being under budget.

The well encountered at least 10 meters of total combined net pay across several reservoir intervals.

“The Commercial discovery at ASX-1X well and the fast track to production will enhance revenue and further increase the proven reserves on the license,” Brian Larkin, UOG Chief Executive, stated.

“Another new discovery is a further positive sign for the remaining exploration potential within license, and we will continue to work with our Joint Venture partners to prioritize these opportunities which can be brought into production in short time frames,” Larkin pointed out.

“We are looking forward to the spudding of the Al Jahraa 13 development well in the coming weeks.  This will be the fifth well in our 2021 drilling program. With the excellent record of exploration and development drilling success we have had on Abu Sennan to date, we are very excited about the four well drilling campaign next year and beyond, and the potential that the license offers for years to come,” he added.